What should you know about vape e-cigarettes?

1. Who are those not suitable for vape

Minors, non-smokers, people allergic to nicotine, unsuitable smokers, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, patients with pneumonia, people with a history of heart problems and hypertension!

2. How do starters choose from the vape kit?

We recommend that you start with a regulated vape kit. This kind of vape kit has the highest safety and has the function of short-circuit protection. Compared with mechanical levers do not have short-circuit protection and voltage regulation functions, undoubtedly, the regulated vape kit is preferable for starters

3. How to distinguish the quality of vape kits?

Many beginners tend to ask such questions, A is good, B is good, which one is better? There are piles of brand e-cigarettes with a variety of different models, which are different for everyone. No one is sure to decide what the final choice is. Just switch to popular brands and hot vape kits from major manufacturers. It is generally not too outrageous. Even if it is not suitable for you in the end, it will be a very good device, and you could re-sell popular equipment from major manufacturers to other players.

4. Is there a difference between vaping and smoking?

There is no difference between vaping and smoking judging from sucking into the lungs. However, traditional cigarettes are too irritating to smoke in this way.

5. ​​Consumables for electronic cigarettes

The consumable of electronic cigarettes is e-cigarette liquid, and the semi-consumable is the coils (used to heat the liquid to steam, and the coils can last for one week to half a month if it is well maintained!

6. How long can be the e-liquid used?

A 10ml bottle of e-liquid can be used for about a week according to the amount of cigarettes (10ml=10 packs of cigarettes). The number of puffs and time for each vaper is different. One cigarette smokes one in half an hour and one cigarette in 10 minutes. Some people have a large lung capacity, and they smoke two or three mouthfuls in one mouthful. According to their personal use, the consumption of liquid smoke and electricity consumption is also different! This can only be said to be approximate, and specific numbers cannot be given mathematically.

7. What is MOD?

The full name of MOD is Modification, which derives from the enhancement program of computer games. In this field, you can understand that there are many combinations of electronic cigarettes in terms of accessories, such as stainless steel mod, acrylic mod, ceramic mods and so on. Any behavior that can change the appearance or function of the atomizer is called MOD. To be simpler, similar to car modification.

8.How many categories are e-cigarettes divided into?

The E-cigarette has gone through three main stages from birth to development. The first stage is the earliest battery-stem e-cigarette, which has now withdrawn from the mainstream due to low heat generation and unsustainable e-liquid. The second stage is the EGO stage. The birth of an electronic cigarette that can truly store e-liquid is an important change in the history of electronic cigarettes. It makes it possible for electronic cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes. We are currently going through the third stage, which is the era of the coexistence of sub-ohm tank, rebuildable tank atomizer and rebuildable drip atomizers. And all kinds of e-cigarette-related gameplay are endless, such as mechanical levels, vapers and so on.

9. Does electronic cigarette produce second-hand smoke?

Is the smoke of electronic cigarettes the same as the smoke of cigarettes? The smoke of electronic cigarettes is completely different from the smoke of cigarettes. One is liquid and the other is solid. The smoke of e-cigarettes is more similar to the state of water vapor, although the second-hand smoke of e-cigarettes has never caused trouble for others. But we also believe that it is impolite to cause trouble to others at any time. People should respect each other.

10. Will electronic cigarettes make the body smell bad?

Why the smell on the body is because the e-liquid does not vaporize completely or the improper installation of other equipment. Even if you smoke an e-cigarette for a day, you don’t have that offensive taste, but please choose high-quality e-liquid,.

11. Is electronic cigarettes cheaper or traditional cigarettes cheaper?

E-cigarette kit is more like a small-scale investment after a one-time investment. If you are an enthusiast and constantly add other accessories, or you only use imported e-cigarettes, then electronic cigarettes are not cheaper than traditional cigarettes, but they are indeed more environmentally friendly than traditional cigarettes.

12. How does an e-cigarette work?

The current in the battery short-circuits the heating wire momentarily. The high temperature generated when the heating wire is short-circuited vaporizes the e-liquid and turns it into vape sucked into our mouths.

13. Is the feeling of vaping the same as smoking a real cigarette?

Any advertisement that simulates the feeling of real smoke is irresponsible and misleading. The feeling of vaping is completely different from that of smoking real cigarettes. E-cigarettes are not as strong as cigarettes and have their own style. It may be softer if you are a heavy smoker or a player who likes to smoke low-quality tobacco. The feeling of e-cigarettes may disappoint you because the flavor of e-cigarettes is completely incomparable with traditional tobacco.

14. Where can I use e-cigarettes? Is it possible in public places?

There is currently no law expressly stipulating that electronic cigarettes are not allowed in public places. However, public opinion is still unclear about the orientation of e-cigarettes. In order not to add a psychological burden to the people around, please try not to use electronic cigarettes in public places. If you really want to show off the spiritual needs of smoke, please join the gathering of e-cigarette friends.

15. Does e-cigarettes really help quit smoking?

The withdrawal of smoking cravings mainly relies on personal willpower. If you have strong willpower, you can quit smoking completely without smoking. E-cigarette products are more like a substitute for smoking cessation period, providing some assistance on your way to quit smoking. The good news is that more and more friends post that they have not smoked cigarettes for a long time. But for this question, we must answer carefully. We don’t think that ex-smokers vaping contribute to e-cigarette, that is just the result of your own efforts

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