What is the basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes? How to maintain electronic cigarettes and solve common problems

1. Feeling dizzy and nauseous

It is caused by excessive nicotine in the blood  when vaping too hard, it can recover after a short rest

2. Thirsty

The main component of e-liquid is vegetable glycerin, which is absorbent, so drink plenty of water.

3.How to store pod cartridges and battery device

When using refillable pods, the cartridges should be stored in a cool and dry place out of the reach of children and pets. The battery device should not be charged in a high-temperature environment where the human body feels uncomfortable.

4.Precautions during the use of the cartridges

In the hot summer, the temperature in the car is too high. If the pod cartridge is placed in the car for a long time or in direct sunlight, the vape juice would be leakage caused by high-temperature evaporation.

5.Regarding the e-juice leakage caused by transportation

Long-distance transportation in high-temperature weather may also cause leakage. First, wipe the surface of the cartridge with a paper towel, shake the cartridge mouth down several times, and then wipe down the mouth of the cartridge with a paper towel.

6.Regular maintenance of e-cigarettes

Insist on pulling out the cartridges that are already in use every day to wipe the bottom, and use paper towels to stuff them into the inner compartment of the battery device to remove the condensate accumulated in the inner compartment of the device or the e-liquid leaking from the cartridge.

7.How to deal with the condensate

There is a grunting sound or the vape juice entering your mouth, which basically reminds you to clean up the condensate of the cartridge. Flick the cartridge mouth down and wipe it clean.

8.By airplane and other means of transportation

The pod and the battery device can be separated and put into pockets, especially the pod must be taken off and wrapped by the plane because changes in air pressure may cause leakage

9 E-cigarettes need a process to quit or replace cigarettes.

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