Vapers have reached 82 million most of which are the Americans

The number of Vapers worldwide will increase by 20 percent from 2020 to 2021, according to the latest research from the Knowledge Action Change Project of Global Status of Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR).

The organization estimates that there are currently 82 million vapers worldwide.

The updated calculations were made possible by the release of a range of new data, including the 2021 Eurobarometer 506 survey, and disclosed in a new GSTHR briefing. The figures are based on available surveys of vaping prevalence in 49 countries.

To address the issue of missing data, GSTHR used an established method to estimate the number of vapers in countries for which there is currently no information, assuming similarities to countries in the same region and economic situation with data points.

This estimate takes into account three factors—sales regulatory status, WHO regions, and World Bank income groups—and Euromonitor data on the size of the vaping product market from 2015 to 2021.

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Tomasz Jerzynski, Data Scientist at GSTHR, said: “In addition to the significant growth in the number of vapers globally, our research shows that the use of nicotine e-cigarette products is also increasing rapidly in some countries in Europe and North America. This increase is particularly significant because these products have only been on the market for ten years in most markets.

In fact, the number of vapers worldwide is increasing despite GSTHR’s database showing that 36 countries including India, Japan, Egypt, Brazil and Turkey, have banned nicotine vaping products.

The new data also shows that the United States is the largest e-cigarette market valued at $10.3 billion, followed by Western Europe ($6.6 billion), Asia Pacific ($4.4 billion) and Eastern Europe ($1.6 billion).

The largest market with the fastest growth is North America, mainly the United States, with estimated market size of $10.3 billion in 2021, compared to Canada’s $1.4 billion. It was followed by Western Europe with $6.6 billion, the Asia Pacific with $4.4 billion and Eastern Europe with $1.6 billion. The smallest markets are the Middle East and Africa at $490 million, Latin America at $122 million and Oceania at $118 million.

Gerry Stimson, Director of KAC and Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London, said: “As the latest data on the state of global tobacco harm reduction shows, consumers are finding nicotine vaping products attractive and are turning to more and more globally. use them. While many countries have adopted prohibitive policies, they have taken an anti-scientific stance against tobacco harm reduction because of Michael Bloomberg’s billions of dollars and his personal passion for the war on nicotine.

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