Do e-cigarettes vaping cause harm to the human body, especially the lungs?

Electronic cigarettes vaping are essentially an electronic vapor atomization device that contains nicotine, propylene glycol, flavor enhancers, THC, and other harmful substances. Although the content is higher than that of traditional cigarettes, the damage to the lungs is much less than that of traditional cigarettes, but there is still potential for disease. The acute, chronic, and carcinogenic effects of traditional cigarettes on the lungs have been proven, and e-cigarettes vapes may also produce similar damage, as follows:

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(1) Acute injury: Short-term excessive use of electronic cigarette vaping can cause acute inflammation of the central airway in some patients. Destruction of alveolar macrophages leads to a decrease in the ability of the lungs to clear foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria, dust, etc., a decrease in immunity, and an increased chance of pulmonary infections such as acute airway inflammation, bacterial pneumonia, and viral pneumonia, and increases with age. growth and increased risk.

(2) Chronic injury: Long-term chronic use of vapes will damage the bronchi and lung tissues at all levels in the lungs, resulting in chronic airway inflammation, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, coughing, phlegm, other symptoms, and even hemoptysis. Further disease progression can progress to emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and even cor pulmonale.

(3) Carcinogenic effects: Although there is no published large-scale case or cohort study that clearly confirms the causative ability of the exposure history of e-cigarettes to lung cancer, this is because the epidemic history of e-cigarettes is less than 15 years old, and the final results still need to wait.  However, relevant animal experiments and basic research have found that nicotine and other substances can increase the mutation of cells and weaken the repair ability of DNA and proteins. Nicotine can also be converted into nitrosamines and other substances with clear carcinogenic mechanisms to exert carcinogenic damage. Therefore, it is still believed that e-cigarettes may also have a potential carcinogenic effect on the human body, causing lung cancer.

To sum up, although the damage of e-cig vaping is much smaller than that of traditional cigarettes, the damage to the lungs still exists, and some patients may have obvious damage performance. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the use of ecig vapes or not use them.

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