What details should you pay attention to when using your iqos device

These are some details of my usual use process. Philip Morris International defines the life of an IQOS holder as 7,300 charges and an average of 20 uses per day. The life of IQOS is about one year.

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1. First of all, pay attention to heating the holder. For most iqos devices, the holder is heated in the pocket charger. First, press and hold the golden button on the top of the charger shell, take out the fully charged holder, and then insert the heatstick into the holder to the depth around the silver line on the filter of heatstick.

After inserting the heatstick, press and hold the metal button in the middle of the holder for two or three seconds, until the vibration prompts the heating stick to start heating.

After heating for about 20 seconds, the white light on the holder no longer flickers and turns into a steady-state, which means that the heating is completed and IQOS can be used.

There is another detail here, when the heatstick is inserted into the holder, insert it directly, do not twist, otherwise the heating blade may be broken.

After smoking, the heatstick needs to be removed from the holder. Generally speaking, a normal IQOS heatsticks can take 8-13 puffs. When the number of puffs is reached, the white light of the holder will flash and vibrate again. This is a reminder from IQOS. The heatsticks can also suck the last two puffs, and then the white light will go out and stop heating.

It should be noted that do not pull out the heatsticks directly after the white light is turned off. The normal operation is to first push the cap of the holder, and then take out the used heatsticks. For maintenance and charging, do not connect the holder and the pocket charger to the power supply together, as this may burn the heating blade and chip inside the holder.

2. In the IQOS manual, it is clearly indicated that the pocket charger should be turned off when charging under any circumstances.

3. When the heatstick is inserted into the holder, do not twist the heatstick at will.
The heating blade is a ceramic body, which can fracture if handled improperly. Do not twist the cleaning cotton swab or the cleaning ball brush at will.

4. Clean up
It is recommended to clean up once after smoking a pack of heatsticks. When cleaning, try to use an alcohol-stained cleaning cotton swab or a cleaning ball brush to clean the inside of the heating blade and heater, mainly to prevent soot from remaining on the surface of the heating blade.

5. The mechanism of IQOS is that you can only smoke one at a time. This is for the concept of quitting smoking.
If you finish drawing a heatstick, do not put the holder directly into the charger to charge, because the holder has just heated the heatstick and still has some temperature. It is safer to cool down for about a minute before charging.

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