How to use the pre-filled closed vape pod system properly

I think we need to figure out what is a pre-filled closed vape pod system before switching to how to use the closed vape pod system properly. A pre-filled closed vape pod system generally consists of a mouthpiece, a disposable pod filled with e-liquid, and a built-in non-removable battery device. The difference from the open type is that you can’t refill, you can only use disposable pods filled with e-liquid, the built-in battery is more likely to explode and pods filled with e-liquid need to pay more attention to avoid juice leakage, that’s why we will talk at 11 points, here we go

1. What is condensate?

Condensate refers to the droplet-like liquid formed by the atomization of e-liquid in the pre-filled vape pod cartridge and condensed by cold air when vaping instead of a quality problem.

2. What should I do if the condensate accidentally spills in the mouth?

If the condensate spills into the mouth accidentally, do not worry. The pre-filled vape juice uses natural raw materials, which have passed the national standard acute oral toxicity test, and you can rinse your mouth with water.

3. How to clean the condensate?

Shake the pod cartridge down to remove the condensate; wipe the pre-filled vape pod cartridge and the corresponding parts of the battery device with a toilet paper towel or cotton swab.

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4. Under what circumstances may the pre-filled e-liquid leak?

Air pressure changes: such as when flying, or in plateau areas;

Temperature changes: such as when the pod is exposed to the sun in the car for a long time in hot weather;

Violent collision: When the cartridge has violently collided, it may cause the e-liquid to leak;

Vigorous puff: The e-juice may leak out when the puff is too strong.

5. How to clean up pre-filled pod e-liquid leakage?

Shake the pod down to get rid of the leaking e-liquid; wipe the corresponding parts of the battery device and the pod with a toilet paper towel or cotton swab.

6. Can pre-filled pod vape be brought on the plane?

When taking a plane, a vape can be brought on the plane, but it must be carried with you and cannot be checked in. In addition, due to changes in ambient air pressure, slight leakage of e-liquid may happen. At this time, the pods can be placed in isolation from the pods and other items to avoid contamination of the items with e-liquid; it is recommended to carry unopened pods as much as possible when going out on a plane. The air pressure in the capsule is constant, which can largely avoid the risk of e-juice leakage. If you have already carried unpacked pods, place them upside down as much as possible.

7. Are the small water droplets on the pre-filled pod a leak?

Some small water droplets appearing in the pod and battery device slot are actually condensate generated during use. The battery device can be shaken downward to shake out part of the accumulated condensate, and wipe the connection between the battery device and the pod with a paper towel or cotton swab.

8. What’s the matter with the sound of “ZZZZ” during vaping?

The e-liquid makes some faint “ZZZZ” sounds during normal atomization. If there is a relatively loud “pop” sound, it is generally caused by insufficient atomization of the pre-filled e-liquid. After a few quick puffs, the general problem will disappear.

9. Does vapes produce secondhand smoke?

Different from the second-hand smoke produced by traditional cigarettes, the smoke produced by vaping does not contain harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide, has no odor, is easily dissipated, and will not exist in the air for a long time.

10. Dizziness or dry throat?

Taking a big mouth and fast inhalation can cause dizziness due to excessive intake of nicotine in a short period of time. When this happens, please take a small mouth and slow down and control the frequency of puffing. It can be replaced with cartridges with lower nicotine content. Frequent smoking leads to loss of water and dry mouth. Please pay attention to adding water and controlling the frequency of smoking when vaping.

11. How to maintain pre-filled closed vapes?

11.1 Regularly wipe the pre-filled closed pod cartridge and body with toilet paper or cotton swabs.
11.2 Please store the pre-filled disposable pods in a cool and dark place, avoiding exposure to high temperatures, such as in the car for a long time.
11.3 Avoid violent collision of the product, and place it in a safe place to avoid contact with children and pets.
11.4 Once the cartridge is used, try to use it within 1 week.
11.5 It is forbidden to use water to wash, the battery device and pods are not waterproof

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