What are the problems and solutions of vape pod kits

1. No light and no smoke when the battery is low: Use the included charger to charge the battery (charging method is in the instruction manual). It takes about 3 hours for a full charge. The battery head will light up during charging and turn off when charging is complete. Do not charge for more than 4 hours to avoid damaging the battery. When continuously inhaling more than 15 times or inhaling for too long (over 5 seconds), the battery will be in protection mode. Wait for about 20 seconds before continuing usage. If the battery and pod cartilage are not tightened, please tighten them to ensure full contact.

2. Low smoke volume and smoke decreases during usage: Replace the cartridge when the e-liquid is used up. It takes about 7-8 seconds for a new cartridge to start working. If there is still low smoke volume after dripping too much e-liquid or replacing the cartridge, flip the pod and shake or blow out any excess e-liquid. Inhaling too hard will also decrease smoke volume, so inhale smoothly to fully enjoy the vaping.

3. LED light frequently flashes during use: This is a programmed setting of the vape pod kit. The LED light will flash after using around 13-15 times (approximately equivalent to one cigarette) or when inhaling for too long (over 5 seconds).

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4. Mouthpiece becomes hot during inhaling: Frequent usage or insufficient e-liquid can result in a buildup of heat. The vape pod kits uses a heater to vaporize the e-liquid, and the center temperature can reach over 280 degrees Celsius. The pod cartridge has a multi-level insulation structure, so there should be no significant heat. However, if the device is frequently used or the e-liquid is insufficient, some heat may accumulate, resulting in a slightly hot mouthpiece. To avoid this, use the pod vapes normally and reduce usage in hot environments.

5. Whistling or crackling sound during use: This is the sound of the e-liquid being vaporized. The e-liquid is heated rapidly into vapor, causing intense physical changes and noise during the process.

6. E-liquid inhaled into the mouth: An excessive amount of e-liquid or improper usage may cause some e-liquid to flow into the mouth. The pod has been designed to prevent liquid backflow and prevent e-liquid from entering the mouthpiece. However, the “smoke” produced by the vapes comes from liquid vaporization. After inhaling tens of times, the liquid vapor might condense into small droplets and stick to the inner wall of the mouthpiece, which can be easily resolved by flipping the device and shaking out the excess e-liquid. It may also be caused by adding too much e-liquid or inhaling too hard.

7. Burnt taste during usage: Replace the cartridge immediately when the e-liquid is used up. Wait for 7-8 seconds before continuing to use the new cartridge.

8. Vape maintenance: Keep the vape pod device in a cool and dry place when not in use. When not using it, loosen the pod and battery to prevent accidental activation. For long-term storage, separate and dry out any excess e-liquid from the atomizer and battery device. Use open cartridges within 2-3 days.

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