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What are the problems and solutions of vape pod kits

1. No light and no smoke when the battery is low: Use the included charger to charge the battery (charging method is in the instruction manual). It takes about 3 hours for a full charge. The battery head will light up during charging and turn off when charging is complete. Do not charge for more […]

How to use the pre-filled closed vape pod system properly

I think we need to figure out what is a pre-filled closed vape pod system before switching to how to use the closed vape pod system properly. A pre-filled closed vape pod system generally consists of a mouthpiece, a disposable pod filled with e-liquid, and a built-in non-removable battery device. The difference from the open […]

Why does not the vape light up and vapour and blink 10 times

1. No light A. The battery is dead: please use the matching charger to charge the battery (do not use it when charging). One charge takes about 3 hours, the battery light is on when charging, and the light is off when charging is complete. The charging time should not exceed 4 hours, otherwise, the […]

Why e-cigarettes explode and how to prevent them from exploding

Before figuring out these problems, first, understand how electronic cigarettes work, the vapes or vape device or vape kit or e-cigarettes in the following article is a general term for electronic cigarettes First, the working principle of vapes Vapes are kinds of device that uses electric energy to short-circuit the resistance wire to evaporate e-liquid […]

E-cigarette VS ordinary cigarette which is more harmful

There are two main differences between e-cigarettes and ordinary tobacco cigarettes in terms of hazards, which are the difference in tobacco composition and the difference in atomization. Let’s talk about it today, here we go. 1. As far as the ingredients are concerned, electronic cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Tar Undoubtedly, […]

What is the basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes? How to maintain electronic cigarettes and solve common problems

1. Feeling dizzy and nauseous It is caused by excessive nicotine in the blood  when vaping too hard, it can recover after a short rest 2. Thirsty The main component of e-liquid is vegetable glycerin, which is absorbent, so drink plenty of water. 3.How to store pod cartridges and battery device When using refillable pods, […]

What should you know about vape e-cigarettes?

1. Who are those not suitable for vape Minors, non-smokers, people allergic to nicotine, unsuitable smokers, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, patients with pneumonia, people with a history of heart problems and hypertension! 2. How do starters choose from the vape kit? We recommend that you start with a regulated vape kit. This kind of […]